A downloadable VR Game (Vive)

Do you love skating around firing pucks? Or perhaps you've never skated before and don't know how, either way you can have fun messing around on the pond. If you fall the ice isn't real so it will only hurt as much as whatever your floor is made of. 

Anyway I made this because I love hockey and VR and wanted to be able to skate around and shoot pucks in VR. I would like to develop this further into a full game but have no idea if anyone would be interested in that so I thought I would release what I have done for free and gauge peoples interest and hopefully gather some feedback. I was having fun just messing around  so I hope some other people will as well. (Designed with Vive)

Install instructions

To play just download and unzip the folder then run the pond_0.5.exe file


Skate - Hold down on the touch pad and pump your arms toward your destination. To stop gliding click the touchpad.

Grip -  Grab the stick by clicking with the grip buttons, you can use two hands or hold it just from the handle

Self Pass - You can have the puck pass itself in any direction by pointing with a vive wand and clicking the trigger. The speed of the pass is proportional to how far away the puck is from you.


build 0.5.zip 98 MB

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